Getting a Whiter Smile Can Be Easy
By Madera Family Dental
May 04, 2017
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When you picture an attractive smile, do you imagine yellow, stained teeth? Yellowing definitely detracts from your smile but, luckily, your teeth whiteningteeth don't have to remain dull forever. Teeth whitening can get rid of stains that prevent your smile from standing out in a crowd. Madera, CA, dentist Dr. Ahmed ElSayed explains how teeth whitening can improve your smile.

A simple stain removal method

Stains vanish when they're treated with hydrogen peroxide, the safe, effective whitening agent used in teeth whitening treatments. Staining occurs when darkly colored pigments from foods and beverages penetrate your porous tooth enamel. Although it's difficult to completely avoid pigmented food, staining can be worse if you regularly eat berries, dip sushi in soy sauce or enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with meals. Dulling of the surface of your teeth can also be an effect of aging or tobacco use.

Before your treatment

Because darkening of a tooth can sometimes be a sign of a dental issue, it's important to have a dental examination before your whitening treatment. If you do have a problem, you can whiten your teeth after it's addressed. You'll also receive a dental cleaning to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Because these substances won't be affected by the whitening agent, your teeth may look mottled if you don't clean your teeth before whitening.

Whitening offers a dramatic transformation

Lightening your teeth by three to eight shades only takes an hour or less in Dr. ElSayed's Madera office. While you wait for the hydrogen peroxide gel to work its magic, you can catch up on your reading or just enjoy a little quiet time. If you want to whiten at home, Dr. ElSayed also offers take-home whitening kits too. After your whitening session, you can make sure your smile stays white by avoiding the foods and beverages that tend to stain teeth.

Don't you deserve a bright smile? Call Madera, CA, dentist Dr. Ahmed ElSayed at (559) 661-4114 to schedule your appointment.


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