Which Cosmetic Dentistry Option Is Right for You?
By Madera Family Dental Care
January 14, 2020
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Isn’t it time you felt confident smiling? We can make that happen.

If you’re looking to improve your smile with the help of cosmetic dentistry you have many options. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Ahmed Elsayed in Cosmetic DentistryMadera, CA works with each of his patients to understand their specific needs and goals to help them choose the right treatment. With cosmetic dentistry becoming more and more popular, you may be feeling like the time is right to improve your smile. Here are some of the top cosmetic dentistry procedures,

Dental Veneers

You may be an ideal candidate for dental veneers if you are dealing with teeth that are,

  • Misshapen or uneven
  • Asymmetrical
  • Severely discolored
  • Chipped or cracked
  • Slightly crooked or misaligned

Veneers are ultra-thin, tooth-colored shells that look like enamel. Made from porcelain, veneers are extremely durable. When applied to the front of your teeth they not only cover imperfections and reshape your smile for the better but they can also reduce sensitivity and improve your smile’s resiliency.

Teeth Whitening

Have you noticed that your teeth have started to dull and yellow a bit over the years? If so, Dr. Elsayed can help get your smile visibly whiter in about one hour. Our professional in-office whitening system can get teeth several shades whiter in a single session thanks to the powerful whitening gel that we use. The bleaching gel will be applied to teeth about 2-3 times during your 60-minute treatment to make sure that stubborn surface stains are removed. At-home whitening, in which you wear a custom tray for 30 minutes a day for two weeks, is also a great option if you would like to whiten your smile from the comfort of your home.

Dental Bonding

The severity of the imperfections you wish to correct will play a role in which cosmetic dentistry is right for you. Those dealing with minor chips, cracks and discolorations may turn to dental bonding, in which a tooth-colored resin is applied over these areas, shaped and then hardened into place. Those with more severe or widespread imperfections may be better off turning to veneers to improve the overall shape and length of their teeth.

Clear Aligners

If crooked teeth and other misalignments are a bit too much for veneers to be able to fix then you may need braces. Don’t worry; Dr. Elsayed offers clear aligners to help adults and teens get straighter smiles more discreetly. If you want a perfectly aligned smile but worry about wearing braces, these clear aligners will make you feel more comfortable wearing your braces to work or school. Aligners are removable and easily fit into your lifestyle.

Are you interested in getting cosmetic dentistry in Madera, CA? If so, then call the cosmetic experts at Madera Family Dental Care in Madera, CA today at (559) 661-4114 to schedule a consultation.


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