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By Madera Family Dental Care
June 05, 2018
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White SmileHave you checked the color of your teeth lately? From afar they may look white, but if you take a closer look in the mirror, you may notice that they have yellowed or dulled in appearance. A bright, white smile can really have a significant positive effect on your face, and also on your self-confidence. Learn how a Madera, CA, dentist can help you get a whiter smile easily with a teeth whitening session at Madera Family Dental Care.

Ways to Whiten Your Smile
When they want a whiter smile, many people choose to go to their local pharmacy to try over the counter products. These include whitening strips, gels, toothpastes, and mouthwashes. But these products don’t always work as advertised, and many don’t work at all. If they do provide results, using them isn’t easy. It may take many weeks and daily disruptions (such as wearing messy, uncomfortable trays for hours at a time) to see a positive change in your teeth.

Do You Prefer an Easier Way?
You might not have the time and patience to whiten your smile using store bought products. Choose the easy way—a teeth whitening appointment with a dentist at Madera Family Dental Care in Madera, CA. Instead of waiting weeks or months, your teeth will look whiter in about 60 to 90 minutes. There’s no need to wonder if you’ll get results, because you’ll see them right after the appointment. Your dentist will apply a professional-strength hydrogen peroxide solution (which is not available in stores) to each tooth. It removes the discoloration from the tooth enamel as you lay back in the chair and rest.

Other Benefits of Dental Whitening
You may notice a number of positive changes after you have your teeth whitened by a dentist. For one, you’ll probably start to get a lot more compliments about your smile. You’ll also feel more confident smiling in photos and when you’re around others. It’s a major boost to your self-confidence. Another benefits is that you’ll be more determined to brush, floss, and see your dentist regularly for cleanings.

A Major Smile Improvement
If your smile has lost its luster, one way to improve its looks is to brighten its color. Call (559) 661-4114 today to schedule a teeth whitening appointment with Dr. Ahmed ElSayed at his office in Madera, CA.


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